Jf Industries Co., L.L.C is one of the top mechanical engineering and metal fabrication companies in the UAE. We provide end-to-end solutions for steel metal works, structural and non-structural metal works, fuel system and extras. With more than 38 years of expertise in this field, our employees are equipped with knowledge and technical resources to solve all kinds of metal fabrication and manufacturing challenges.

Our fabrication services are mentioned below: 

Steel fabrication

JF Industries works with the construction and automotive industries to complete their steel fabrication needs. Our clients include major United Arab Emirate transport manufacturers, property developers and other manufacturing companies. We pride ourselves on the precision of our work and we use the modern techniques to develop steel structures.

JF Industries Steel Fabrication factories carry enough stock to start most steel fabrication jobs on the same day we receive your request and drawings. This means that our turnaround time is much faster and we can produce precision work straight away.

Aluminium fabrication Services

JF Industries offers aluminium fabrication services to multiple industries in UAE. The majority of our clients are involved in the construction, manufacturing, marine and transportation industries. Aluminium fabrication services are not just the assembly of parts and materials it is the welding of these pieces into a complete product. Our experienced expert engineers will assist you in designing a process that will allow us to complete your steel manufactured items quickly and perfectly.

JF Industries aluminium fabrication have a wide range of industrial modern equipment & machinery available to assist with your aluminium fabrication project including CNC turning, CNC milling, robot welding, welding, laser cutting and parts assembly. Many of our clients choose our fabrication services because we are able to complete the required project at the one location. We carry a range of commonly used aluminium structural pieces and can mostly start your order on the same day we receive you CAD drawings or order specifications. Many larger projects require additional row materials which can be provided or we can source them on your behalf through our trusted partners.

Structural steel fabrication

JF Industries provides structural steel fabrication services in UAE predominantly construction and building companies and retail shop fitters. These building and construction companies commonly require a range of different steel fabrication solutions for their building projects. In addition, we complete steel fabrication work for the industry by fully assembling structural components.

At JF Industries, we understand that it’s not just providing timely and on-budget steel fabrication solutions but, most importantly, a strong and robust solution for your steel structural fabrication needs.

Metal Fabrication

JF Industries is one of the metal fabrication companies in UAE. Due to our wide range of services, we can provide a complete metal fabrication services for any business and industries. Metal fabrication is more than just the assembly of parts; it’s the entire work of creating the parts, equipment and the assembly of these parts into a finished product.

Stainless steel fabrication

JF Industries are your one-stop shop for stainless steel fabrication in UAE. We design and manufacture customized high quality stainless steel fabrication products to architectural designs or to your specifications.

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